Gotham Steakhouse & Bar — The Gotham Experience

Step in to Gotham and you’ll know instantly that you’ve arrived at a steakhouse unlike any other. The soaring ceilings, luxurious textures, intimate corners and delicious aromas whet your appetite for an unforgettable dining experience. The clink of glasses and buzz of conversation and laughter let you know you’ve made the right choice.

A fine dining experience
and the cocktails to go with it.

At the same time both classic and contemporary, each menu at Gotham features only premium products and ingredients. Prime grade beef, fresh fish and seafood, top–shelf cocktails and award–winning wines are at the centre of every Gotham experience. Preparations guided by our culinary and bar masters are deftly handled, with just the right amount of flair to let the flavours sing.

A sense of occasion, inside and out.

Built in 1933 to a design by architect Max Downing, Gotham is housed in one of Vancouver’s few remaining art deco buildings. It was originally part of the Hudson’s Bay Company, just south on Seymour Street, and remains a protected heritage building to this day. To prepare for the restaurant’s opening in 1999, intricate cast concrete detailing on the cornice was faithfully restored, and a sunny patio was tucked in on the south side. The interior design by Elaine Thorsell of BOTI beautifully incorporates art deco elements, and today Gotham stands as a stunning reminder of Vancouver’s rich architectural history.

Jean Claude Douguet

Executive Chef Jean Claude Douguet knew at an early age, working in his aunt’s hotel in Brittany, France, that cooking would be his calling. He did his apprenticeship at St. Brieuc, followed by a stint in the French Armed Forces, and then honed his skills over winters in the Alps and summers in St. Tropez. Arriving in Montreal in 1992, he spent 6 years at Le Soubise, then moved to Vancouver, furthering his experience at several well known local restaurants, including as Chef–Owner of Cyrano. Since 2005, with grace, skill and good humour, he has led the Gotham kitchen.

A cut above

From the moment of arrival, guests are surrounded by staff who genuinely care about providing a superior dining experience. Gotham people are career–minded team players — they understand that impeccable service and flawless execution are the standards in a truly great steakhouse. Interested? Let’s get the conversation started: [email protected]


Gotham is committed to the fair treatment of all current and future employees and guests. We strive to make our workplace an inclusive place for people of different orientations, ethnicities, ages, abilities and skills because we believe that respecting each other is central to making Gotham a great place to work. We are committed to meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities in a timely and conscientious manner by working progressively toward the removal of barriers to accessibility. We will continue to develop, maintain and review our strategies to ensure Gotham is accessible and preserves the dignity and independence of everyone in our restaurants.